Sjuman Instruments is established since 2013 in Jakarta and Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City. Specialise in making guitar, bass and piano instruments. Our instruments are designed by Aksan Sjuman, originally made and crafted in Indonesia.

For guitar and bass designs, technician and luthier, Aksan works with Hartop as the craftsmen for the guitars and the basses, and with Ganee as the pickup maker for the electric guitars. For piano designs, he collaborate with some Indonesian professional piano technician, Frankie Lioe.

Buitenzorg (BZ)

Our Buitenzorg models are made from Javan Almond trees which are commonly found in the region of Bogor (Buitenzorg). As a family of African Walnut, “Javan Almond” were introduced by the Dutch Governor Daendels during the 1800. These woods produces warm tone and an excellent balance with tonal characteristics between mahogany and rosewood.

Balinesse treasure (BT)

These series are built using an extremely rare sea olive wood. Which we managed to collect from an old sawmill in the Gianyar region of Bali. Sea olives has a characteristics of bright, focused and transparent sounding.

Shipwreck (SW)

This series are using wood from shipwreck mostly using Ironwood or John shore wood.

Special Model (SPC)

These lines are produced with the combination of all our prime selected woods or Aluminium casting by aluminium edching artist Ivan Mulya. Special models are “unique” and each guitar is individually designed and decorated.